10 Extraordinary reason why people join the army

It's hard to live with weapons. This may be due to the fact that many parents despised the son or even daughter's decision to join the army. But those who continue to join this institution insist that feeling is what they call "duty service". This is when they feel they have to defend and fight for their beloved country.

However, some researchers have found that people in the military have mixed feelings, mixed feelings, and various reasons. They all compromise what appears to be the most diverse areas of entry into the battlefield and fight for honor.

Therefore, for those who want to know that more and more people are joining the military, they are amazing, yet strange reasons why they want to join the forces

1. Financial Reasons

One of the most interesting reasons why people join the army are due to bonuses and compensation.

The reason for this highly paid task is that the military recruitment program is actually a failure in their program. Despite the fact that the military people are opposed to many allegations, they can not refuse the fact that in the past ten years they have been trying to get more and more people into the army, but in vain.

why they decided to increase the benefits and "enlistment bonuses". These "enlistment bonuses" are a primary benefit that family members and their families can only obtain from the beginning of the enrollment.

Fundamentally, US military troops can reach government support of up to $ 70,000

With retirement, military personnel will receive $ 100 in the "tutorial assistance" in one month.

With these advantages, the main goal of military recruitment is college students who may want to relax from school. The focus of the military recruitment is the recruitment of high school graduates in the home school program.

Does the army have the remarkable financial benefits of being able to withstand such offers? To be far from their parents

Funny because it seems, but many young boys are really tempted to join the army because they want to stay away from their parents. Of the 7 high school boys, 7 claimed that their parents were so strict and demanding that they wanted to avoid them.

Therefore, when opportunities such as joining the army and the amazing financial benefits, join forces more than their moms to break up and rebuke.

3rd Courage to Courage

Joining an army is like a "bold" game where people take the chance to prove their courage and courage. Some say it's a human thing. It's like joining the army, it certainly proved to your neighborhood that you are brave enough to face Saddam or Bin Laden

4. Good Citizenship

Others say why they joined the army to want to prove to their country of love that they are good citizens and to defend the nation as long as there is a pistol and an Iraqi.

Pathetic sounds? Think again.

Some people believe joining the army is like a tribute to the miracles that the United States can provide them. Yet as soon as they get into the war, they claim that respect is no longer present.

The problem is that there is no return. Fighting Al-Qaeda and Searching for Osama Bin Laden

It may sound louder, but this is actually one of the main reasons why some join the army. According to a recent survey, nearly 35% of the 100 respondents responded to helping US soldiers Osama Bin Laden and bringing down Al-Qaida's forces.

In fact, this is one of the most important reasons why Pat Tillman, a legendary football star, has finally decided to give up his sports career and join the army. This is why the army is talking about Al Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden

. A Good Career

Another reason for joining the military is that people are tempting to do so, because the recruiters say they are sure to have a good career with joining the army.

I just hope they do not lie. Full-time employment

For most people who have been totally unemployed for nearly 4 years, joining the military is a very attractive decision. Many insist that it is one of the most important reasons why they join the service because of full-time employment.

This means that their work is over for hunting, another four years no longer worry about what to eat and where to buy their baby's diaper and a certain future, perhaps not for them, but for their family.

8th Family Tradition

That's right. Some join the army because everyone in the family does it. There are not many choices, huh?

ninth Acquiring New Skills

People who have these reasons are the adventurous type. They strive for new skills that they can master, and the military seems to be the only way to acquire such expertise.

10th Pride

Some are joining the army because soldiers with badges are proud of themselves. It's as if the soldier was the most talented of what he could ever have done.

Some of these reasons may be entertaining while others are pitiful. For those who still do not want to join the army for reasons that are not here, just think before you act. As it says who hangs in a match, it will definitely burn.

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